Saturday, December 19, 2009

Microvision: Side-by-side Image Comparison – SHOWwx vs. the Competition

So far, what’s been missing is the side-by-side comparison of SHOWwx with what the competition has to offer?

Well, here it is finally─ compliments of Oppenheimer from their analyst report on Microvision...

When I looked at the image size and quality, my first reaction was...

• Pico projector from 3M, using LcoS technology, aroused the feelings that you would have towards a “sick dog” that needs to be put to sleep and put out of its misery. Half baked product like that gives bad name to pico projection technology. 3M is a multi-billion dollar company and I expected somewhat higher quality watermark than what you see. Rushing a product to the market before it’s time is not only bad judgment but poor marketing strategy... end of story.

• Pico projector from TI, using DLP technology, is decent and would be acceptable image quality for the right price. If TI/DLP had no competition from Microvision’s SHOWwx, then they would do just fine... like a dog that could hunt. There would still be issues of long throw ratio, limited image size, low resolution and need to re-focus every time there was a change in Image size or projector location.

• Pico projector from Microvision, using laser MEMS scanning technology, speaks for itself. It needs no words and all I’m going to say: “A picture speaks a thousand words”. To quote what Oppenheimer said in their analyst report...

“The PicoP image has better color rendering; doesn’t require focusing; and is larger, sharper, and more uniform from center to edge.”

Microvision’s laser Pico projection technology is far superior to others out there, and has a bright future; once the green laser bottleneck issue is behind us.

When you look at the 3M/LCoS and TI/DLP pico projector images, you have to wonder that they do need a strong OEM champion for their technology. Without one, they may be left out as the puppy no one wants to own. One the other hand, SHOWwx image size and quality, coming from such a tiny projector, arouses the sense of awe and will attract many OEMs that would want to be champions alongside of Microvision.

It’s not just about technology; it’s about what technology would eventually do for consumers... people like you and me.

While Microvision is all tangled-up with green laser supply issues, the two competitors can, and will, hog the feed at the trough. However, their party may not last too long... because sooner or later, the green lasers will be plentiful; and Microvision hound dog will have its muzzle removed and let go to hunt, to bully and to claim its rightful place at the head of the trough.

Anant Goel