Saturday, December 12, 2009

Microvision: Partners with Intel to Showcase Advances in PC Gaming Technology (Part 2)

The worldwide market for video games exceeds $50 billion.

This weekend Intel is bringing competitive world-class video gaming to Edmonton, Canada. The North American Championship tournament is one of six world-class gaming tournaments under the Intel Extreme Masters banner.

Microvision will be there as partners with Intel to showcase advances in PC gaming technology. Here’s the post from Microvision blog The Displayground...

“For the next three days, Microvision will be showcasing some innovative new uses of the PicoP display engine for gaming applications at the Intel® Extreme Masters North American Championships, taking place at the enormous West Edmonton Mall. Intel Extreme Masters is classed as the biggest gaming tournament worldwide, with six events around the globe and a total prize pool of $530,000. Our press release issued earlier today is HERE.

“As you can see from the video above, Microvision has designed a unique handheld first-person shooter projection game controller prototype that uses the PicoP display engine to project images on any surface. Using the infinite focus capability of the PicoP display engine, combined with a motion sensing module, it’s now possible to play video games on multiple surfaces, all while tracking your character’s point of view in 3D space.”

Here's the picture of the non-firing replica...

Well, it’s Saturday afternoon and the reviews are starting to roll in...

Here’s the first post from “Future Shop” Tech blog with interesting comments...

“In addition to the pro competition, Intel has also brought a few cutting edge games and technologies. So, between matches, be sure to checkout demo stations packed with the latest Intel technology...

“But, likely one of the coolest pieces of kit I saw today, the first day it was available to the general public for hands-on evaluation, was the PicoP by Microvision -- a multi-axis free-form game controller/uber-tiny projector hybrid device that could really revolutionize your gaming experience.”

“I had the opportunity to try a couple of games (Aladdin & Operation Flashpoint) with custom controllers, in a darkened room with white walls. The handheld controller was appropriate to the game being demoed (a Sega Dreamcast size handheld unit for Aladdin, a very cool replica weapon for Operation Flashpoint)."

"You point the controller at the wall, and the wall becomes your viewing screen. Move the controller (with the embedded super-tiny projector), the screen *and your in game perspective or character* moves too..synchronized to the controller."

In my case, when I panned my gun to the left, it was as if I was rotating my character to the left. Tilt up, and I looked up. And the screen position on the wall moved too, because it was attached to the gun-controller.

I know my description sounds awkward, but this display tech is really neat. So get your butt into some long-johns, brave the holiday shopping crowds and check the PicoP out -- tell them Brad sent you.

I'll have more on the PicoP in the future, but it really has the potential to liberate your gaming experience.

The Intel Extreme Masters Tour runs until Sunday. Expect some very hot gaming action as the best players in North America compete. If you're a gamer, this action is not to be missed.

And if you can't make it, feel free to check out my gallery
Here’s the link...

There will be more reviews, I’m sure.

So, stay tuned and enjoy rest of the day.

Anant Goel