Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Microvision: Vodafone is the first Mobile Phone Carrier as Customer for the Laser Based PicoP Projector SHOWwx

Here’s the news from this morning and is translated from Spanish…


The pico Projector "SHOWWX" is an innovative portable laser projector for large projected images when connected to the mobile phone or PC or laptop.

The business and professional customers Vodafone can have this innovative device from 289 €. It will also be available through the Points Program and will be marketed jointly with the smartphone Mini Nokia N97.

Madrid, December 1, 2009 - Vodafone Spain launches Pico projector SHOWWX, an innovative hand portable projector Microvision Inc. (Nasdaq: MVIS), a global leader in innovative ultra-miniature devices for projection and image capture products for mobility applications.

The peak SHOWWX projector uses a revolutionary technology based device laser that projects images of large, bright and alive, who are always focused, regardless of projection distance.

The accessory is a portable projector easy to use and simple management for Users who want to watch and share spontaneous mobile TV, movies, photos, presentations and other content. Customers can use their pocket projector anywhere and connect it to your mobile phone output video, to your laptop or netbook, the computer or to other music devices as MP3'sy with other devices that have video output or VGA functionality and share the experience of a large screen for business presentations on anytime, anywhere. Depending on the ambient light, the size of images projects can range from 12 to 200 ".

New customers can have this innovative device from 289 (without i.v.a.). Customers also will be available through the Points Program, for example for a client with 1200 points, will be available for 247 € (this price includes permanence). Also be marketed jointly with the smartphone Mini Nokia N97.

Alexander Tokman, Microvision President and CEO commented: "We are very proud that Vodafone Spain SHOWWX marketed to their customers. We believe that SHOWWX truly provide a visual experience upgraded to Vodafone customers and an important factor for value added functionality of their mobile devices".

"The introduction of peak SHOWWX Microvision's laser projector in Spain represents a great opportunity for Vodafone to offer value to our customers to improve their experience with their mobile devices, "explained Ignacio Roman, Director of Terminals Business Unit for Spain and Portugal Vodafone.

View images at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vodafone_es

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Now there is a post at Microvision blog site The Displyground...

Vodafone Spain Launches Microvision’s SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector

Well, there you have it.

The news we have been waiting for, while getting all beat-up and bruised by the Wall Street Wizards that gobbled up 11 million shares of Microvision at $3:00 over the Thanksgiving week.

All we got for Thanksgiving was belly-full of turkey and plenty of margin calls for leftovers.

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