Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Microvision: Osram Shipping Green Lasers?

Is Osram Shipping Green Lasers to Microvision?

That's the question and the answers is...

When it comes to green lasers from Osram... you have to first re-set your perspective before looking at the answer.

If you are an optimist, you look at the answer as “glass half full”.

If you are a pessimist, you look at the answer as “glass half empty”.

As for me, I’m a die hard optimist and continue to be so. However, the MVIS stock price currently reflects the most pessimistic view of green laser shipments from Microvision supply chain partners. Having said that, here’s the scoop on green laser shipments from Osram...

“Osram is shipping green lasers to Microvision and ramping-up the numbers”.

Q: When did the shipments start?
A: Don’t know for sure... could be as early as mid October.

Q: What are the shipment quantities?
A: Don’t know for sure, but the initial numbers were good enough for institutional investors to come to the table and put-up over $30 million dollars in secondary equity financing over the Thanksgiving week last month.

Q: What are the ramp-up production rates?
A: That’s perhaps the most well kept secret of them all when it comes to Microvision... because no body seems to know for sure the difference between pre-production quantities vs. production quantities. However, the overall quantities are good enough to get past the institutional investor due diligence process. In my book, what’s good for institutional money is good enough for me.

Q: Would there be an official Microvision announcement?
A: I’m counting on that in the next month or so. It may not be what the pessimists want to hear... but it certainly would please the optimists.

The diode green laser work is moving along well and we are looking at 9 to 12 months more before acceptable power levels of 60mw to 100mw become a reality beyond the labs.

"I could have published this post a few weeks ago... but I waited for validation. My validation is the confluence of comments made by various individuals in and around the Microvision supply chain.  Please do your own due diligence, just like I have, before making any investment decisions."

When I was a child, my grandmother always used to say...

"Son, take it or leave it... but it is what it is for whatever it is worth!"

Anant Goel