Thursday, March 11, 2010

Microvision: Viral Marketing Channel Strategy at Work

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that …

“Viral Marketing is a valid distribution channel in this Internet age and should be part of every company’s product and services marketing strategy.”

In case of Microvision, the concept of creating VIP membership is in effect the company’s viral marketing strategy... and it is already in place.

The viral effect will come into more aggressive play once the VIPs [about 10,000 of us] get our SHOWwx PicoP projectors. Each one of us has at least 100 people in our center of influence. So, over 1 million people [10,000 x 100 = 1,000,000] will get to know SHOWwx first hand from us... the VIPs. And those 1 million people have, I'm sure, 50 people in their center of influence. Well, now that’s 50 million people that would come to know about SHOWwx and Microvision... the company behind this amazing laser PicoP projection technology.

In about six months there could be over a billion people that have been touched by SHOWwx… and have also come to know about Microvision.

Here’s another example of super-charged viral marketing at work…

One gentleman investor of Microvision, Mr. Henderson, bought his SHOWwx laser PicoP projector from Spain and paid a premium for it. Now that is the act of a highly motivated investor who wanted to, as part of his due diligence, see the product first hand to continue or not, I guess, with his investment in the MVIS stock.

In summary, this is what he did after he received his SHOWwx in the mail…

“He received his SHOWwx from the distributor in Spain yesterday or the day before. He then single handedly produced a You Tube video of his experience with SHOWwx and then published it over the Internet for us to experience and share his enthusiasm.”

A picture speaks a thousand words. So, without further ado, here’s the link to the video…

That's an example of highly motivated and focused viral marketing. In this case, Mr. Henderson has gone beyond his center of influence [of say hundreds] to touch tens of thousands on the Internet.

Bravo Mr. Henderson, you just set the viral marketing rolling in the second gear.

At this stage, Microvision can further enhance this viral marketing strategy by adding the following programs to its marketing arsenal...

• An affiliate program to embrace thousands of web site owners... by offering a 3% commission on such web site originated sales.

• An "opt-in" e-mail marketing campaign to a few hundred million... similar to the e-mail that was sent to VIPs recently.

• Sign-up network marketers like "Market America" that has over 500,000 networking sales reps.

That's a good start to viral marketing channel... and it doesn't have to cost much to implement.

Results could be wildly huge… in terms of product demand created and the enhanced margins opportunity due to limited intervention by the middlemen.

Anant Goel