Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Microvision: SHOWwx Laser PicoP Projector Launched in the US

Press Release
Source: Microvision, Inc.
Monday March 8, 2010, 6:30 am EST

Microvision SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector Available for Sale to U.S. Customers

Special Limited Edition Bundle Available Today

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Microvision, Inc. (NASDAQ: MVIS), a leading developer of ultra-miniature projection display products announced today the opening of its web store for U.S. customers for the SHOWWX™ laser pico projector. Microvision is introducing two product offerings in the U.S. -- the Standard Edition SHOWWX and the Limited Edition SHOWWX promotional bundle.

Web Store Opens for U.S. Sales of the Standard Edition SHOWWX on March 24

Microvision plans to begin taking on-line orders through its web store at 12 noon, EST, starting on March 24th for its award-winning SHOWWX laser pico projector. The "Made for iPod®" SHOWWX laser pico projector Standard Edition comes with accessories and an optional VGA dock to connect to a variety of mobile devices. The iPhone®-sized Standard Edition is priced at $549.

Special One Time Limited Edition SHOWWX Bundle Promotion Begins Today

To celebrate the introduction of the world’s first laser pico projector based on Microvision’s PicoP® technology in the United States, Microvision is offering U.S. customers a one-time opportunity to purchase a special Limited Edition SHOWWX bundle. The Limited Edition SHOWWX bundle is for the technology enthusiast and ultra-mobile media connoisseur. This special bundle comes with a personalized splash screen bearing the name of its owner, SHOWWX with 'Limited Edition' insignia, certificate of authenticity and a SHOWWX VGA dock plus other accessories not included with the Standard Edition. The Microvision web store with details about the Limited Edition SHOWWX bundle will open starting today at 12 noon, EST, www.microvision.com/showwx. The SHOWWX Limited Edition bundle is priced at $999.

The SHOWWX is the world’s first laser-based pico projector that delivers premium image quality generated by Microvision's PicoP® laser projection technology. Features include a native resolution of WVGA (848 X 480), ultra-simple plug-and-play use, fiddle-free infinite focus, very high-contrast ratio, and bright vivid colors generated from ultra-miniature laser light sources. Users simply connect the SHOWWX to any mobile device with TV or VGA out (iPod, laptop, etc.) and project DVD-quality images from a mobile device, up to 200” across, depending on the ambient light.

Here’s the link…

Microvision’s concept of selling “Limited Edition” for much higher margins is a stroke of genius.

First, the difference between the cost of Limited Edition [at $999] and the Commercial Edition [at $549] is only three hundred dollars… after you back out the cost of additional features and accessories bundled with the Limited Edition SHOWwx laser PicoP projector.

For extra three hundred dollars, you get the SHOWwx laser projector weeks sooner than the Commercial Edition product. That in itself is worth the extra three hundred dollars to someone that must have access to the competing product [from Microvision]… because few weeks matter a lot in a high profile marketplace when billions in market share are at stake.

In other words, the targeted customer for the higher priced Limited Edition is not you and me─ the cost conscious consumer, but it’s the deep pocketed competition and supply chain partners of Microvision. And then of course there will be the foreigners loaded with cheap US dollars, MVIS investors, tech media companies, consultants and sales executives with laptops, and the basket full of tech junkies. To this list you can also add thousands of tech connoisseurs worldwide.

Here’s why it is such a brilliant idea…

• With so much anticipation building over the last 3 years; in and around the Microvision supply chain partners that they would be the first ones who would use cheap US dollars to get their hands on the Limited Edition… as soon as they can get it… and not weeks later, just for the sake of saving three hundred dollars.

• Microvision competition will jump on the opportunity to buy one “pronto” to take it apart to see what it is that would become their worst nightmare in the near future. If you are a smart competitor [to Microvision] you would want to see your competition’s product right away… and not weeks later, just for the sake of saving three hundred dollars when there are billions at stake.

Limited Edition at $999 will be a huge success… a sell out.

Most of the buyers [so it seems] are the competition, the supply chain partners of Microvision, the foreigners loaded with cheap US dollars, and then there are many MVIS investors, some from the tech media companies, consultants and sales executives, and tech junkies worldwide.

Sales are brisk and picking-up momentum.

How long does it take to sell-off 500 Limited Edition units… really?

 After the earnings conference call, we expect to hear additional good news shortly… like in weeks, in the words of Alex Tokman.

Then there is additional good news in the offing… like in couple of short months.

Anant Goel