Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Microvision: Time to Start Accumulating the Stock (Part 2)

It’s time to start accumulating Microvision [Nasdaq: MVIS] stock.

That’s what I said in Part 1 of the post on this subject… two days ago when the stock was trading at $2.18.

Today, we closed at $2.02 and it seems like we may drop further over the next few days.

Here’s why…

As the selling intensifies, more and more people start to wake up to the change that has taken place in the market and then start selling.

This selling further accelerates and extends the down move until we finally reach the capitulation point where the all the people who have been hanging on finally quit in disgust and sell at the bottom.

Have we reached the bottom?

May be or may be not… that is the question!

But it does make sense to start accumulating at these levels.

Anant Goel