Thursday, September 24, 2009

Microvision PicoP Projector SHOWwx Launch… Stroke of Genius

My information tells me that a very few SHOWwx will be sold as stand alone units… between now and middle of the year 2010. Most all, as we speak, PicoP display engines may go to at least one [of the three] OEMs for embedment into the laptop computers… soon to be followed by the “bedroom streaming projectors”.

This OEM may, as I understand, charge an additional premium [say $500] for a top-line laptop with a built-in PicoP projector. That’s where the PicoP display engines are going. Very few SHOWwx will be released to those in the “media” and others with an established following… the so called “centers of influence”. Those that signed-up as Microvision VIPs may be next, who knows, after having salivated long enough… or after having pounded the “keepers” of the DisplayLand at the company blog.

In my opinion, this strategy is a stroke of genius…

• Sell what you have between now and middle of 2010, at premium prices.

• Get the product in the hands of those that have discretionary income and are center of influence.

• Create the buzz to build an enormous back-log… consumer can wait a few months [I would] for a quality product.

• Keep the competition guessing and lulled into a non-threatening posture… while operating in a stealth mode a bit longer so you can get your green “ducks- in-line” for mass production.

• Channel the product where it serves a professional and productivity function in a market that is 230 million units big. In 2007, over 230 million laptops were sold… and 2009 is shaping-up to be over 280 million units.

• IDC believes that by 2009, more than 80% of notebooks will offer wide-screen displays. Portable shipments will continue to rise in that time period as well, jumping from 62.5 million units in 2005 to 114.6 million in 2009. Guess what? They all are looking for a wide screen experience and a laptop with embedded PicoP projector may just be the right answer.

• Skirt the damage that video pollution and video graffiti issues the “teeny boppers” can inflict… if the SHOWwx was to fall into their hands early on. Don’t have to deal with these “teeny boppers” running around and projecting into peoples faces.

• The next premium market to hit will be the “bedroom projector” market. Every household on this planet has at least one bedroom and the total number is a staggering 1 billion plus. Microvision PicoP display engine is the perfect because it is the only projector that has…

o Short throw from bed to the ceiling

o Vivid color HD image in wide screen format [currently WVGA at 848x480]

o Always cool to the touch

o Always in focus from any position on or around the bed. Don’t have to hold a laser PicoP projector between your legs like the ones from TI [DLP technology] or 3M [LcoS technology] .
If Microvision were to focus on these two markets alone while getting their ducks-in-line for the launch of embedded PicoP display engine for mobile devices… you and I will be very happy investors with high margin revenues flowing from the boardrooms and bedrooms of planet earth.

Microvision will be ten times a bigger company than Apple and Intel… combined.

Image by PicoP… anyone?

Right, get in the line please.

Anant Goel