Friday, September 25, 2009

Creative Imagination at Work In Product and Applications Development

Albert Einstein said, "Imagination…is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world."

Some folks are born with vision and have a higher degree of imagination. Others can learn to be visionary and imaginative. Here are two examples to demonstrate how creative imagination can work in coming-up with great ideas on what you can do with a laser based PicoP projector.

Here’s our imagination at work…

However, in order to fully appreciate this creative work, it is important to first understand…

“Imagination is an experimental partition of the mind used to create theories and ideas based on functions. Taking objects from real perceptions, the imagination uses complex “IF - functions” to create new or revised ideas. This part of the mind is vital to developing better and easier ways to accomplish old and new tasks. These experimented ideas can be safely conducted inside a virtual world and then, if the idea is probable, and the function is true, the idea can be actualized in reality.”

So what is it that allowed this Intel engineer, for one example, to be visionary or imaginative in creating a PicoP display engine based application? Here’s your answer…

It’s the availability of the four enabling [and true] what IF-functions that only laser based PicoP display engine could provide:

1. Always-in-focus on any projected surface
2. Short throw ratio… meaning large projected image from short distance
3. Vivid and uniform color images from laser PicoP projector… not like the DLP or LcoS images that are brighter in the center like a flashlight.
4. And high contrast ratio… like 5000:1 with laser PicoP projector.
That’s what stoked the imagination.  Now it only stands to reason that as the list of laser PicoP display engine functions─ fast refresh rate, user adjustable throw ratio, or brighter HD images─ grows, creativity will be stoked again and brand new applications that never existed before will come to the market.

Do I hear “Image by PicoP ubiquitous, woven seamlessly into the fabric of everyday life”?

It seems that there is no shortage of great ideas on what you can do with a laser based PicoP display engine. And just when we think we’ve heard them all, blammo - out of left field, or sometimes from the right, there comes another innovative use for laser PicoP projection display technology. The innovative use of laser PicoP projector, as depicted here, is sure to un-stick your imagination… and maybe even set it on fire.

Can you imagine...

• Shopping isle infomercial projectors… in every supermarket and shopping mall.

• Infomercial projectors in office building hallways, airports, museums, art galleries, fancy restaurants and other commercial and public places.

• Safety, security and emergency guidelines, instructions and procedures video-on-demand at the airport, industrial, commercial, construction and other sites.

• Emergency kits with video-on-demand instructions for life [or a limb] saving procedures.

• Advertising outdoor displays for drive-by passenger cars… with quickly changing slides per ad, for example, or 10 ads per display, for example… as compared to one fixed ad [or may be two] per display.

• Color video projection for large classrooms, seminars, meetings and conventions.

• And the list goes on.

Now imagine that Microvision’s laser PicoP display engine is the [only] technology that makes all these wonderful [and high margin] applications possible… with no competition in sight!

Here’s why I said: “laser PicoP display engine is the [only] technology”…

“To make the above mentioned applications possible, you must have at least two differentiating and enabling functionalities: 1) always-in-focus projected images on any surface and 2) short throw ratios.”

As of this day, there is no competition from any of the DLP or LcoS based Pico projectors… because they lack always-in-focus and short throw ratio features.

Only Microvision’s laser PicoP display engine technology has the always-in-focus and short throw ratio functionality… and as such, owns this market for the foreseeable future. Not only that, there is a tremendous ad value for the laser PicoP brand name, and Image by PicoP slogan, in being seen at these high traffic places… day in and day out.

Do I hear “Image by PicoP as ubiquitous, woven seamlessly into the fabric of everyday life?

Just for the record, PicoP is the registered trade mark of Microvision… like in PicoP®

Anant Goel