Monday, May 2, 2011

President Obama and the United States of America

We live in democratic times; and in a global economy that is interconnected by instant communications and shrinking dimensions of time and space... and with strong values for human rights for all inhabitants of this planet.

Mr. Obama is the right President and Commander-in-Chief for the United States in these times... because, he is intelligent, articulate, educated, has grasp for facts and details, logical thinker, has sharp cognitive shills, diplomatic, assertive, considerate, modest, quick decision maker, and above all a decent human being with compassion and care.

Alexander the Great was one of the greatest warriors of all time... for the barbaric times in our history.

President Johnson, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. are mostly responsible for the barbaric image of the US around the globe. President Carter may not have caused any barbaric acts during his watch... but manged to portray the US as babbling, bungling over-sized buffoons.

Given the time and opportunity, Obama can change many wrongs within the US shores and enhance our image as a superpower around the globe.

Mr. Obama's handling of Libyan crises [ making NATO spearhead the action] and eliminating Osama Bin-Laden [in collaboration with Pakistan] is proof positive that he has the right foreign policy and is the right President for the US in a fast approaching global democracy that values human rights... and enhance US image as the superpower it is in the hearts and minds of billions on this planet.

God bless President Obama and the United States of America.

Anant Goel