Sunday, September 12, 2010

Microvision: Showcase Advances in PC Gaming Technology with Project Tuatara (Part 5)

Here’s the highlight of the news from this morning...

September 2, 2010 at 9:40 AM
By Stephen Totilo
News at Kotaku Web site

With This Gun, Your First-Person Shooters Can Surround You

“In Dallas last month I spotted a big inflatable igloo. It had been erected by a company called Microvision on the exhibition floor at QuakeCon. Inside of it, I discovered, was a man holding this gun.”

Here’s the link to the full article and make sure to watch the video…

Here’s a very interesting observation…

“The Microvision people were getting QuakeCon attendees to line up for Project Tuatara, an experimental technology designed to be used with any mouse-and-keyboard first-person shooter.”

For this demo, they were using the released PC game Operation Flashpoint. Here is what the video from QuakeCon exhibition looks like…

[Click the link and watch the video]

It seems to me Microvision is using the new 720P HD PicoP in this first-person shooter gun… which they call as the Controller. No wonder the video is so colorful, bright and crisp. It's much better than what we have seen before.

Here’s the product review by Dana “Dizzy” at the QuakeCon 2010 web site…

“Perhaps the most astounding in its revolutionary graphics and futuristic gaming potential is located at the Project Tuatara booth. What looked like an inflatable black igloo (as I called it to Bowl, who politely skipped over my total gaming ignorance) was actually an oasis of 3-dimensional gaming. Inside the 10-foot dome was the culmination of modern total gaming immersion. Dave Lashmet and Andrew Rosen, the men behind Operation Flashpoint, explained to us their ingenious and revolutionary game control system.”

“The controller is one of several gun models, including an FN F2000 and a TR-21. This controller is linked to a PC as an air mouse. The video feed is sent back to the gun and projected using pico HD lasers from Microvision, the backer of Project Tuatara. The background is then translated to a three-dimensional polar axis that can be projected onto any surface. Dave recommends white walls and a dark room to get the best results, but one benefit of the pico lasers is that they are always in focus.”

"Dave and Andrew have both had extensive experience playing in the last month since this project was initiated, and have been able to play over 20 different games on a series of different backdrops, including one instance when they set up white sheets on hotel room walls. Though they are hosting 3-minute trials of Lost Planet to patient gamers (there is an hour-long line), the controller can be configured to virtually any game in just a few minutes. This controller is incredible because it is a step toward actual 3-dimensional gaming. The control isn’t released yet (this is a privileged promo experience) but they hope to release a total 3-dimensional experience in the coming years, complete with surround sound and not only lateral dimensions, but 3-D glasses to enhance background depth.”

Here’s the link to Dana “Dizzy” product review of Microvision’s prototype FPS gaming gun controller…

Looking back a few months…

In December 2009, Microvision's PicoP Display Engine was at the Heart of Realistic Game Demo at Intel Extreme Masters Tournament

This is what Ian Brown of Microvision said at the Intel sponsored tourney at Edmonton, Alberta…

“The game application takes advantage of our PicoP display engine’s infinite focus,” Brown says. “We believe that Microvision’s technology can be used to create a new level of realism and interactive freedom for gamers. As the worldwide market for video games exceeds $50 billion, we are very excited to partner with Intel to showcase this new advance in gaming technology to the world’s best gamers at Intel Extreme Masters.”

“Intel believes that radical innovations like Microvision’s laser projection engine will continue to drive the gaming industry forward,” said George Woo, Intel Corporation’s Marketing Manager of the Intel Extreme Masters. “We are pleased to demonstrate how Microvision’s technology and the Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition can create a new way for gamers to become immersed in the game world.”

Now you can take you gaming experience several notches up with a PicoP projector from Microvision and your gaming experience will never be the same...

“These hardcore gamers soon may be unleashed from their stationary position to enjoy a realistic virtual combat experience with life-sized video images, projected on walls, ceilings and floors, all from a weapon-styled projection game controller they hold in their hands.”

“Game players at the tourney who give the prototype a spin will experience “an immersive, 360-degree feel,” promises Ian Brown, Microvision’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The company’s laser projection engine can show a distortion-free image on nearly any flat or curved surface. Consequently, the game goes along with the gamer and reflects the character’s position in three-dimensional space.”

The worldwide market for video games exceeds $50 billion.

Did I say that before?

Yep, I just wanted to make sure we register that clearly, because that is an additional market, beyond pico projection, that Microvision is addressing in collaboration with Intel... the biggest PC gamer in the world.

Anant Goel