Sunday, October 18, 2009

Microvision: Opportunity of a Lifetime… in our Lifetime (Part 2)

The cost of missing out can be greater than the cost of messing up.

“The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.”
…Leonard Ravenhill

Microvision stock [NASDAQ: MVIS] is an investment that represents the opportunity of a lifetime… in our lifetime. And it is a BIG opportunity that can propel us to our financial goals in one great leap within our active lifetime… like in the next 4 to 5 years.

Here are FIVE REASONS not to let this opportunity pass you by and why you should quickly reposition your assets now…


When IBM first introduced the PC in 1980, nobody in their wildest dreams imagined that it will dramatically change the world as we know today. It took about 20 years but we have witnessed dramatic improvements in personal and worker productivity, collaboration, communications, networking, information databases and knowledge creation and exchanges.

Now 25 years later, we are on the cusp of another mega change… a paradigm shift. This time the changes will occur [faster] and impact the way we communicate [visually], network, collaborate, share, care and exchange knowledge and information.

Not only that, the low power requirement of [less than 3watts] the PicoP display engine embedded in all things digital and built into TVs and Projectors may just extend our resources [financial and natural] and save the planet earth from slow death. For example, the biggest energy guzzlers on this planet are big screen TVs.

News from this morning says it all…

California appears poised to be first to ban power-guzzling big-screen TVs

The LosAngeles Times
By Marc Lifsher
October 14, 2009

“Reporting from Sacramento - The influential lobby group Consumer Electronics Assn. is fighting what appears to be a losing battle to dissuade California regulators from passing the nation's first ban on energy-hungry big-screen televisions.”

Here’s the link to the news…,0,4908205.story

The energy problem is not just in California… it’s a world-wide problem that needs addressing now before the planet destroys itself with too much “carbon footprint” or due to lack of “energy” to fuel and feed the world’s 6 billion population. Energy conservation, in a big way, is coming soon to every single US state… and it’s just the matter of time.  Electric brown-outs and rationing is in our near future... that is if we, as a nation, do not make an aggressive and collective effort to conserve.    

Talking about conservation...
"The use of PicoP display engines in TVs and Projectors that give us high definition; large screen; always in focus display at a fraction of power [less than 3watts for PicoP display engine] may just be the answer to our worldwide energy problem… where a billion or so TVs suck the energy out of planet in exchange for a few hours of HD entertainment.

I’m sure you will agree that Microvision’s PicoP display technology is disruptive [of a mega proportion] and of a nature that could cause dramatic shift in “technology paradigm” and the “social paradigm” around the world.

Specifically, for the third world countries, for example, the technology paradigm shift would be…

“20inch energy guzzling TVs replaced with a 60inch Integrated Mobile TV/Projector, with built-in DVD player and speakers, at HD resolution with image projection on any surface…always in focus…at miniscule power usage of less than 3watts for the display engine… and at about $699 US dollars.”

The PicoP display engine market for the Integrated Mobile TV/Projector [in the developing countries] is over 1 billion worldwide with an adoption rate ten times bigger than you can hope for the embedded Mobile phone market. Consider this…

• Total population of India and China is over 2.8 billion and growing. Considering an average household size of 5 [for India] and 4 [for China] you have about 650 million households. Ironically, the current Mobile phone market in India and China is also about 700 million. Assuming that the middle-class [only] can afford a Mobile phone then there are 700 million households that fall in the middle class category in India and China.

• Assuming that a household that can afford a mobile phone can certainly afford [and own] a Television. Therefore, in India and China there are at least 700 million TVs. The middle class in India and China is growing at a 10% rate per year. To this growth, you add the rest of the third world and Eastern European countries [for 300 million TVs] and you have potentially 1 billion TVs market world-wide that is looking for low power consuming, high resolution and large size TV experience.

If Microvision [and the OEM partners] mass produce an Integrated Mobile TV/Projector [with built-in DVD player and speakers] at 60” image, HD resolution and consume no more than 3watts for the display engine… you have a billion households as your potential customers… with an adoption rate of ten times higher than that of embedded Mobile phone. This is a huge market with tremendous financial rewards for the slow and steady hand that can deliver on the promise of PicoP display engine to the energy starved world of ours.

Not only that, the low power requirement of the PicoP display engine in Integrated Projectors and Integrated Mobile TVs/Projectors may just extend our resources [financial and natural] and save the planet earth from slow death.

Unlike the US and other western countries, electric power in highly populated countries like India, China, Eastern Europe and other third world countries is in extreme short supply. Not everyone has electricity and those that do have… face constant brown-outs and rationing. With the world energy supply dwindling, and costs rising dramatically, the electricity is a precious commodity.

Here’s a wish list product, based on Microvision’s SHOWwx PicoP projector…

SHOWwx PicoP Model 60: All-in-one Integrated Projector with built-in DVD player and speakers.


• Low power requirement… less than 3watts for PicoP display engine… 20watts overall
• DVD quality display larger than on a 60″ widescreen TV
• Easy setup — just plug, load and play
• No focus adjustment required
• Built-in handle and carrying case included

The ultimate portable projector, DVD and music player combo, SHOWwx PicoP 60 delivers all the big-screen drama, sound and excitement you desire — just plug, load and play.

For larger-than-life entertainment, SHOW PicoP 60 is the all-in-one product with a built-in progressive scan DVD/CD player and dual Dolby® 5.1 Digital DTS® 5 W stereo speakers. It works with any blank wall or screen and projects DVD movies larger than on a 60-inch widescreen TV.

SHOWwx PicoP 60 sets up easily— all you need is an electrical outlet. There are no additional cables or equipment to hook up. It features a convenient handle and soft, cushioned carrying case so you can take the show on the road. And, it delivers natural colors and bright, vibrant images with 1-chip, MEMS Laser technology.

SHOWwx PicoP 60 is incredibly versatile for videogames, TV, movies and more. It works with your TV set-top box, laptop, Apple iPod® Nintendo® Wii™ Sony® PS3™ or Microsoft® Xbox 360™ video game system for more entertainment options. It displays a 60-inch, widescreen image from just 5 feet away, or a 100-inch image from just 8 feet away.
Dealer Prices may vary from $699 to $899… depending on the model. All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

SELLING FEATURES: Low power, high definition, always –in-focus, rich colors, short throw ratio, fast refresh, and wide screen multi-media experience.

The worldwide market for such a low power consuming laser based Integrated Mobile TV/Projector market is huge.

Microvision has the technology and supply chain partners up and down the line. All they need is the vision and resolve to aggressively pursue this market themselves or do it in collaboration with its global distribution and OEM partners.

Stay tuned for REASON #3… as we move forward in our journey to explore “Microvision: Opportunity of a Lifetime… in our Lifetime”

Anant Goel