Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Microvision: United States Patent 7,822,086

Laser Projection Temperature Compensation

United States Patent 7,822,086
Brown, et al.
October 26, 2010

Inventors: Brown: Margaret K. (Seattle, WA), Sprague; Randall B. (Carnation, WA), Schaaf; Michael L. (Bainbridge Island, WA), Xue; Bin (Mukilteo, WA)
Assignee: Microvision, Inc. (Redmond, WA)
Appl. No: 11/829,459
Filed: July 27, 2007

The temperature of a laser diode changes in response to video content across a line of a displayed image, and the radiance changes as a function of temperature. An adaptive model estimates the temperature of the laser diode based on prior drive current values. For each displayed pixel, diode drive current is determined from the estimated diode temperature and a desired radiance value. A feedback circuit periodically measures the actual temperature and updates the adaptive model.

Here’s the link to full text and images database at USPTO web site…

This morning, the Microvision stock MVIS is up by a few cents and it makes you wonder why? So, we grabed our sleuth hat and went hunting for any news that may be driving this small move.

Here's what I found…
This patent on “Laser Projection Temperature Compensation” is the most significant patent to-date that Microvision now has in its IP portfolio… because, it provides much broader patent protection coverage for RGB laser light source diodes that could be used by anyone for laser light based image projection.

Some folks consider this worth a few cents added to MVIS stock price…

However, if the stock volume traded today exceeds 1,000,000 shares... then the true impact of this patent could be recognized much more widely as being larger than a few cents rise in MVIS stock price today.

When you consider a few pennies in royalties every time RGB laser light diodes are used as light source in video image projection… the royalty earnings impact could surely be worth lot more than just a few cents in stock price rise.

However, the use of RGB laser diodes as light source for multi-media video image projection lies in the future... so do the potential royalty based earnings for Microvision.

We just have to wait and see how this new twist in Microvision’s future plays out in terms of dollars and cents?

Anant Goel