Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Microvision: Cleaning House in the Midnight Shuffle

Last year it was Greg Olsen and this year it is Russell Hannigan… the two high profile managers that have left Microvision in the recent months.

Greg Olsen was Global Marketing Manager at Microviion. He left Micovision in July of 2009 and is now a Principal at “Delightability”… a privately held Management Consulting firm.

Russell Hannigan was, until recently, the Director of Product Management, Consumer Projection Displays at Microvision. He left Microvision in November of 2009 and is now Director of Business Development at Intellectual Ventures… a privately held Venture Capital firm.

Heads are rolling left and right... or is it just the midnight shuffle?

Hard to say for now; so just stay tuned to wait and see what develops in the next few weeks.

However, its about time that overhead was trimmed to reflect the current shape and state of affairs at Microvision.

Here’s some more on the midnight shuffle…

• Ted Phelps is the new “Senior Commodity Manager” since November 2008. He comes from Jabil Circuits.

• Bill Richardson is the new “Program Manager Product Development” since January 2010. He comes from IDD Aerospace.

• Bill Becker is the new “Dirctor of Sales and Marketing Operations” since July 2009. He was promoted from his old job as the Global Business Manager, Barcode Solutions Business Unit at Microvision.

• Michael Herr is the new “Managing Director of Business Development” since early 2007. He is a freshly minted graduate of Damelin College… so it seems.

• Perry Mulligan is new on the Board of Directors since January 2010. He is currently Senior Vice President, Operations for QLogic, where he is responsible for all aspects of the manufacturing and delivery of products to the customer in addition to overall supply chain design and manufacturing strategy. Prior to QLogic, he was at Solectron where he held the position of Senior Vice President Supply Chain Management and Chief Procurement Officer and was responsible for establishing the overall materials and supply chain strategy.

Well, there are a few more up and down the line with some fancy job titles.

Anant Goel